When inspiration dries up

He tapped the keyboard, the sound of the doomladen clanking especially loud today. Flicking at imaginary crumbs on the immaculate desk, his gaze shifted around the room. Blue light streamed in through the window that overlooked the garden. He should really go and mow the lawn. The baby gurgled to herself on the floor, chatting... Continue Reading →



The house is always quietest after the baby finishes her morning feed. I breathe in the stillness around me, letting it fill my lungs, settle in my chest. I should try and sleep a bit more. I slip out of the door, wincing as it rasps over the thick bedroom carpet. I step lightly as... Continue Reading →

Resolved to Write

What am I doing? I've been trying to write something that would be good to post on New Year's Day, something profound (read: pretentious) about the kind of year that 2016 was, and what I hope I have learned to take in to 2017. The thing is... I'm just not enjoying it. I've realised that... Continue Reading →

Letter to Little E

What's been happening lately? Not a lot in terms of writing; inner beardy writer has been pulling his beard out at my lack of commitment. But I find it hard to care when Little E is doing adorable things like repeating Da da da da da da ba ba ba ba ba over and over... Continue Reading →

Gary and the Goblins

This was my entry for the Adult Fairytale competition in Writing Magazine. Sadly I didn't win but bright side - it makes for an easy blog post this evening! I'd love to know what you think. What are your favourite tips for writing better short stories?   "We shouldn't be here" Gary tried to tune his... Continue Reading →

Street Warfare

They come at night. Sometimes it's not quite dark; the sky still ribboned with orange light, the cold not quite biting yet. He prowled the long street, neatly stepping over rubbish and other debris. The buildings rose solidly on either side. He had time to get back to his comrades yet; just enough time to... Continue Reading →


Inner bearded fantasy writer has finally made himself heard, and I'm getting back into writing my blog. That, and I have to make that £27 quid for a domain name worth it 😉 So what's been happening? It's November. Somehow. Most years this means NaNoWriMo for me - or National Novel Writing Month, a writing... Continue Reading →

Juggling metaphors

Juggling baby, husband, work and not becoming an exploding ball of stress is hard enough without adding the writing and blogging 'balls'. There's also reading, and genuine, veg out relaxing, which are required to diffuse the previously mentioned ball of stress. I've just realised I'm mixing my metaphors atrociously, but I don't have time to... Continue Reading →

A fairytale beginning

I'm slowly building confidence in my writing, enough that I listened to my inner bearded fantasy writer yesterday, and submitted a short story to one of Writing Magazine's open competitions - for the first time! The competition called for submitters to return to the dark roots of fairytales and write a story that would appeal... Continue Reading →

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