Channelling my inner bearded fantasy writer…

Blank Landscape. The default title of the document I’m working on in Pages at the moment is all too fitting! I don’t really believe in writer’s block – but trying to come up with text to go in the about page for my new blog is like trying to put the circle shape in the square slot on one of those shape sorter boxes. I’ve got the words shaped in my head, but they don’t fit the slots in my sentences.

I think the problem I have is there are too many excuses to make – I don’t have anything original to say, I don’t know if I can keep a blog running, and the killer; no one will want to read my random thoughts. But then, who am I doing this for? At the moment, all I want to do is get back into the swing of writing, to practice, and regain some of the craft I’ve lost after a long absence.

I’ve heard the phrase ‘inner goddess’ used – I guess it’s meant to be a personification of one’s confidence. The phrase makes me cringe. But I kind of like the priciple, so instead, every time I try and talk myself out of doing something I want to do, I’m going to channel my inner bearded fantasy author. Inner bearded fantasy author is writerly skill incarnate (in my head, he looks like Patrick Rothfuss, who writes beautiful fantasy books with a talent I yearn for). Inner bearded fantasy author doesn’t care about excuses and demands that I get writing now!

I could twist myself in knots over the spirit of my own confidence also being the incarnation of the spirit of writerly skill, but Inner bearded fantasy author says that is just another excuse not to press on…

So WELCOME to my new blog!

(I also have an inner bespectacled editor I can blame any laboured writing and poor jokes on)




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