Aunt Maddy was a surprise

Sometimes, characters are like balloons. We inflate them with enough of ourselves to give them life. It gets exciting when they start choosing for themselves what they'd like from you, either copying aspects of you or rejecting you outright, taking a different view. JK Rowling famously said that the character Harry Potter strolled into her... Continue Reading →


Get busy living or get busy writing…

Today, I want to write a clever post about the lessons I've learned in the last few days, and how they can be used in my writing.   That's what I want to do, but I've been busy living (I wish I could add 'life to the max'; really, it's been a normal, even mundane... Continue Reading →

Small changes

I've been thinking about the small changes that our lives hinge upon - the life changing events that don't seem like it at the time. Laura Barnett's book, The Versions of Us, is all about a chance meeting that does or doesn't happen, or more accurately, happens twice and doesn't happen once. You follow? I... Continue Reading →

Character + Event = Conflict

An exhausted new mother braves her first proper blog entry, but the dirty dishes are piling higher and higher... Luckily, Mr Moore has decided to clean the house and baby is having a snooze, so this story has a happy beginning. Today I want to start the long process of plotting out, reorganising, and revising the... Continue Reading →

Channelling my inner bearded fantasy writer…

Blank Landscape. The default title of the document I'm working on in Pages at the moment is all too fitting! I don't really believe in writer's block - but trying to come up with text to go in the about page for my new blog is like trying to put the circle shape in the... Continue Reading →

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